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UPMC Presbyterian


Physician Services Division
Software Engineering Group

3600 Meyran Avenue
Suite 3025
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Systems Analyst II

Responsible for numerous web sites, mostly for departments within the School of Medicine at The University of Pittsburgh which were transferred under the control of UPMC during restructuring. Many of these sites were built in the early days of the web and required a great deal of effort to keep updated due to their antiquated architecture as mangement declined to upgrade them. Approximately 35% of my effort went into keeping these sites maintained and updated, with the rest of my time spent constructing new sites.

Significant projects:

Department of Anesthesiology - Redesigned and rebuilt the website in ASP.NET. Aside from the development, I had sole responsibility for all aspects of this site including a great deal of the photography. I developed the Flash banner that appears at the top of the splash page and I wrote code to automate the process of posting personnel pages, news stories, and upcoming events.

Emergency Resource Management, Inc. - Designed and built new internal and external sites. ERMI is a non-profit affiliate of UPMC that provides emergency medical staffing to emergency rooms and urgent care facilities across Western Pennsylvania. The site serves as the primary recruiting tool for medical personnel and therefore had to reflect a high degree of professionalism.

McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine - Maintained, expanded and enhanced many portions of this large and complex site. The McGowan Institue is known worldwide for cutting-edge research and development of regenerative medicine and therapeutic techniques.

The Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh
School of Medicine
Department of Surgery

P.O. Box 7533
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Senior Media Producer

Letter of reference, Peter Johnson, Professor of Surgery

Graphic design; web site design, development and administration; presentations; newsletters; photography; video, and posters.
I began working for the Department of Surgery when slide-based presentations were the norm. I was responsible for producing 35mm slides (often hundreds per day) from computer-based presentation programs such as Harvard Graphics and Aldus Premier. Images were transferred to film using AgfaMatrix PCR film recorders and Zenographics software.

Letter of reference, Peter Johnson, Professor of Surgery

Many presentations used reproductions from textbooks and journals which I produced using a photographic copy stand. I was frequently called upon to render custom charts, graphs and illustrations for my clients. It should be noted that my client base was approximately 150 faculty surgeons, residents, and students. These are extraordinarily demanding people and the deadlines I was required to meet were absolutely uncompromising. When Dr. Starzl boarded a plane for Vienna at 2:00 am he had to have a carousel of slides in his briefcase that was of the highest quality and flawless in every way. He always did. I never missed a deadline.

Department of Surgery Newsletter cover

When the World Wide Web came into being I took it upon myself to be among the first adopters. I researched and spec'd out a server, built it, configured it, and built websites for the 9 divisions within the Department of Surgery. This is where my web development career began, with the table-based design that characterized the web at the time. Development in those days consisted of a lot of sweat and some inspiration. About all that could be done to improve the situation was to write code that would store information in a database and display it dynamically, so that's what I did. I taught myself Active Server Pages and built a data-enabled backend for publishing physician profiles, news articles and upcoming events.

Eventually, business restructuring led to me being transferred from Pitt to UPMC where I continued largely the same tasks.

Editor's Aide, Inc.

1717 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
(412) 731-7034
Developed a set of applications upon which a new company, Deadline Directory, Inc., was built.

High Technology Associates, Inc.

5907 Penn Ave., Suite 240
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 362-3700
Production Manager
Designed software to automate business-to-business database marketing campaigns. Supervised production staff.

Letter of reference, Unison Technology

Unison Technology, Inc.

410 Rouser Road
Coraopolis, PA, 15108
Support Services/Training Representative
Designed and conducted training programs for users of PREDICT! statistical software. Devised procedures and algorithms for conducting alpha testing of the software. Built a customer order tracking system.

Letter of reference, Interior Energy

Interior Energy Corp.

P.O. Box 447
Fairbanks, AK 99707
Directed nighttime operations of the leading heating oil distributor in interior Alaska. Devised processes to reconcile customer accounts. Converted existing business processes from MDS Quantel minicomputer to IBM PC.

Letter of reference, Admiral Crowe

United States Air Force

Staff Sergeant
Avionic Instrument System Specialist
Clearance: Secret
Supported SR-71 and U-2 reconnaissance systems. Troubleshot, repaired, and maintained electronic and electromechanical systems. Supervised and trained a staff of civilian and military technicians.