Please excuse any rough edges you may see on this page. It is a little overly-busy to be sure. Most of it is just to demonstrate that I can produce a lot of action and interaction on a page. As time permits, this page will evolve into a suite of pages, each highlighting a different aspect of multimedia design.

No, not this
Rick James

Banner Examples

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These are example of some designs I have created. Some of these appear on websites I've designed, others are from projects I've worked on in other areas.


If you are using an older browser—or just about any version of Internet Explorer—you may be seeing a page that doesn't seem to display properly. I have spent most of my web design career building sites that would display in Internet Explorer. I know how to do it, I just decided that I would focus here on standards-compliant pages that work flawlessly in the newest version of whatever browser you may choose.

There are a lot of situations that demand that sites be compatible with the widest range of browsers possible, including older versions of IE. As I said, I can do that. I am good at it. I just chose to focus this site on where the web is headed instead of where it's been.