Hello Cruel World

This site exists for little reason other than as a way to show off my web development skills. Such as they are.

All the video and photography you see on this site was captured by me, except for the stuff that wasn't.

This site did not come from one of those "build-your-own-website" things. I built this website from scratch, myself, with only my bare hands and grim, relentless, determination.

That's how guys like us roll. We don't need Squarespace or Bootstrap. Give us a code editor and Developer Tools and that's it. That's how we do it, we're old school. Later, maybe I'll go re-build a carburator.

Using only native ingenuity and Visual Studio I was able to build a site that is already outdated and of little use to anyone. The one feature it does have is a six character web name.

Pretty much all the web names are taken. Especially the short ones. A web name that is 6 characters and is easy to remember is a pretty cool thing if you're a web developer. You probably aren't a web developer but, if you were, you'd probably say it was pretty swell.

'YouTube is the place I always send people to for any creative stuff.

This site was recently re-built as an MVC site to allow the addition of back-end capabilities. Currently there's nothing to do on the back end other than log in but, one day I'll get around to building the next killer app.