Richard James Work Experience
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Rolls Royce Nuclear Engineering Services

410 Rouser Road
Moon Township, PA 151082

Software Engineer

2/6/2017 – 8/11/2017

Rolls Royce Nuclear Engineering Services provides Proactive Obsolescence Management to the nuclear industry worldwide. By assisting nuclear fleets and sites with identifying and managing obsolescence issues the safety and security of the World's nuclear power generating infrastructure is greatly improved.

The project I was assigned to was to support and maintain the Proactive Obsolescence Management System (POMS) which is a proprietary system designed to track the components that go into building and maintaining the nuclear reactors we support. The system is complex and multifaceted and involves being in constant contact with the operators of nuclear facilities and the vendors who supply them. Our mission is to constantly monitor the supply chain and identify components, models and manufacturers to know which parts are vital to the continued safe operation and provide solutions when components become, or are scheduled to bocome, obsolete.

My role was to assist in maintaining the code base and data to identify and correct issues with the software as they are identified and to build new solutions as needed.

The coding environment consisted mainly of Visual Studio 2008 and Oracle 12c using Subversion for source code management. The code consisted primarily of VisualBasic.Net, javascript, jQuery and AJAX. Aspose Word was used for assembling reports.