Richard James Design Examples


If you are looking to have a website built there are some things to consider

  • What will this website do?
  • Will it be a place to purchase items?
  • Now or at some time in the future?
  • Will it require visitors to log in?
  • Will there be an option for visitors to log in?
  • Will the site remember visitors who have been there before?
  • What will the site look like?
  • Have you looked at various sites and picked out things you like and want on your own site?
  • Have you considered what sort of impression you want to make on people who come to your site?
  • Has the content been prepared?
  • This is without a doubt the most important thing that has to happen before any meaningful work can begin.
  • What, exactly will the user experience?
  • What device will be used to present the experience?


"Content" is text and imagery. The "text" is every written word or letter that appears on the site. "imagery" is every visual element that is used to present the image or brand of the site.

Who decides what a site says and looks like?

You do.


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