Richard James About Me

Richard James

Web Designer/Developer | Graphic Artist | Photographer


You're awesome... clearly. You appreciate and value quality, efficiency and ecstacy. You might be looking for a consultant, a designer, a developer, someone who can help you design and build an outstanding web experience.

I may be able to assist you.

I'm Unique

(Just Like Everybody Else)

My skills combine well to produce web experiences which look great and work the way they should.

I know design and I know what rules to break and when. I know the difference between typefaces and fonts. I know x-heights, kerning, ligatures, expert sets, and web fonts.

I am pathologically obsessive. In a good way. I catch things others might miss. I know all those tedious details about proper English and when to use a comma or a smiley face.

Of, course, nobody cares about that stuff anymore so, if you don't appreciate competence and don't particularly want something special then, you should have no problem finding that.

Before I was a web geek I was the Senior Media Producer for the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Originally I was responsible for preparing presentation materials for the Department of Surgery. I would, on a daily basis produce oftentimes hundreds of slides (actual slides… on Ektachrome) as well as a variety of presentations, posters, brochures, newsletters and whatever else was needed to satisfy the needs of some of the most demanding people on Earth (You think Simon Cowell is rough? Try 120 professors of surgery).

Pretty pictures

I can provide the sort of photography that you might otherwise only expect from "stock" photography. Stock photography is everywhere and it does look great. The only problem is that people recognize when they are looking at stock photography and they usually think "insincere". People respond a lot better when they can see that your site's photography actually reflects you and your people and products. Not many other web developers can provide anything like the capabilities I offer. Not many web developers are professional studio photographers. Even fewer can produce top-notch broadcast-quality HD video and audio.

Mrs. Pasquale

Mrs. Pasquale was my high school English teacher. The effect of her instruction led me to become one of those people who lives by "Strunk & White" and "The Chicago Manual of Style". Why is this important? Because with me you get a resource who is likely to catch and correct all the little grammatical inconsistencies that could otherwise slip through and detract from your message and your image.


For some reason I have always liked climbing trees. I enjoy the view I guess. Most of the times when you climb a tree you are the first person to ever enjoy that particular view. Some folks enjoy wingsuit flying and base-jumping. I'm into real danger--I climb trees. I am very well-trained as a climber and always practice industry-approved safety procedures. Climbing is fun. Falling... not so much.